A Mother’s Lie

A mother will do whatever it takes to save her child’s life…

When Clara McNair’s two-year-old son, James, is diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, only a costly experimental treatment can save his life. Clara will do whatever it takes to get the money. Including dredging up painful memories that still haunt her nightmares…

It’s been ten long years since Clara fled west, a fugitive on the run after her parents’ mysterious disappearance. Now, a documentary film crew is offering cold, hard cash—enough to pay for James’s treatment—in exchange for the secrets of her troubled past. 

With no choice but to delve into a long-buried tragedy, Clara must unravel the lies surrounding that terrible night, as she fights to clear her name and uncover the truth of what really happened. She’ll plunge into darkness to save her son.

But how far will she go to save herself…

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