A Mother’s Sins

Burying the past only delays the inevitable.

Sarah Cartwright is on the cusp of having it all—a new baby, a devoted partner, and a great job as a political campaign director. However, Sarah’s return to the office after maternity leave finds her powerful position assigned to someone else, and Sarah didn’t work hard for years just so she could observe from the sidelines.

As her dreams threaten to crash and burn around her, the lies she’s built her life upon are exposed. Smears that put her entire career on the brink are splashed across news headlines, and caught between a new boss, backstabbing co-workers, and a wary partner, Sarah can’t be certain who to trust.

When bodies start to drop and the police show up on her doorstep, the past can no longer stay hidden.

All sins are punished one day.

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Release Date

October 5, 2019