All Bark and No White Knight

Roses are red, Violets are blue, and Olivia Rickard is officially the worst at fixing relationships. Case in point: Olivia decides the best way to go about getting her boyfriend back is to tail him around town. There’s no way daring to spy on Andrew’s date was going to end well…but Olivia didn’t expect it to end in death.

Hannah Maclin, Andrew’s date, is found dead in the parking lot of the restaurant with a tacky rose sticking out of her chest and lots of suspects near the scene of the crime. Hannah wasn’t a well loved woman and she’s got a long list of enemies and haters that the police believe includes Andrew. While Olivia thinks this is preposterous, it’s given her a reason to go sleuthing again. Before she can fix her love life she has to make sure the man she loves stays out of jail!

As Olivia dives into a two part mystery of solving a murder and tracking her ex-boyfriend’s puzzling movements, she finds that the two investigations weave together in the old secrets and hidden passions of the town. Her mission becomes finding the truth in the misinformation, but Olivia will need to be careful—she can’t miss a clue or she’ll lose the love of her life.

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