Bark of the Town

Willow Wells is just beginning to feel settled back in her hometown. She has a thriving business, a hot boyfriend, and the support of her family. Things couldn’t get better. Until it all comes crashing down when two of the town’s mean girls are found murdered. Not only are Willow and her sister Wednesday first on the scene for both murders, Wednesday is the prime suspect.

Suddenly, Willow’s perfect life is falling apart. To give Willow time to solve the crime, her boyfriend Griffin has taken over her dog gym business. Willow’s father, the rock of both the town and the family, is suddenly powerless to help. And, worst of all, the evidence against Wednesday is mounting.

Willow will have to face her past and the reason she left Pineview all those years ago. If she doesn’t solve this case—and solve it fast—then the future she’s worked so hard for will end up dead and buried.


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Release Date

November 2018