Breaking Chaos

Abandon all hope…

The factory was supposed to be the last safe haven left on Earth after an EMP catastrophe shut down power worldwide. But Melanie’s group isn’t the only one who wants it. A militia who are determined to capture Nate take over her base of operations, forcing Melanie, her family, and her friends to flee into the unforgiving wasteland.

Beyond the walls, the outside world continues to spiral into darkness. With enemies on their trail, Melanie’s only hope for survival is to keep moving… or sacrifice Nate for the good of the group. After all, they can’t run forever, and she can’t deny that caring for Nate is slowing them down…

Hunted and on the run, the threat of sickness and injury hangs over their heads. Their journey will take them through savage territory, populated by desperate people who will do anything to survive. If her ragtag group can’t find a new shelter, tragedy will claim them all.

But when a team member goes missing, Melanie is forced to make a choice: keep moving forward, or risk it all to make a stand…


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Release Date

November 10, 2021