Cowboy’s Christmas Heart

Never fall in love with a Grinch—especially at Christmas…

Taison has learned to shield his heart, by pretending he doesn’t have one. Ever since getting jilted two years ago, he’s built up walls ten hay bales high.

But Cassie won’t let him be the grump he wants to be—not when she needs his help to win a crucial scholarship. In exchange, Cassie will help his Christmas tree farm have it’s biggest season yet. But working with Cassie is driving him to distraction. And making his heart feel ten sizes too big…

Cassie solves problems. And right now, her biggest problem is trying to make Taison relax and enjoy the holidays. With Christmas right around the corner, she can almost see this sexy cowboy’s heart melting right before her eyes. But for some reason, the closer she tries to get to Taison, the more he pulls away.

Maybe Taison isn’t a problem to solve. Maybe, just maybe, he’s the solution to her lonely heart. Assuming she can get him to admit how he really feels

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Release Date

September 22, 2022