Cowboy’s Sexy Ex

When love knocks you down, you get back in the saddle…

Sally Weston was always the one for injured cowboy stuntman Jarod Hunter. She was the only woman who could smooth his rough edges, and make him feel like he was right where he belonged. Until she broke his heart…

Now, Jarod’s gun-shy about romance with anyone, especially Sally, even though she stirs his blood like no other. With his stuntman career over, Jarod’s returned home to manage his aunt and uncle’s ranch. But seeing Sally again means he also has to manage his wounded heart…

Sally never stopped loving Jarod. But after her father died, she couldn’t just abandon her family and run off with Jarod to California, like they’d planned. Jarod never understood that, for Sally, family was the one thing she couldn’t turn her back on, even if it meant letting her future with the smoldering cowboy fade away. But now that Jarod’s back, she’s got a glimmer of hope. Maybe this is a second chance to make things right?

Can she convince Jarod to stay home for good? Or will they both suffer the pain of losing each other, all over again?


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Release Date

17 March, 2022