Cowboy’s Surprise Twins

This grumpy cowboy needs an angel. And he may have just found one…

Cowboy Dean Walters is no stranger to hard work. But when he takes full custody of his infant twins, he has to admit, even he can’t raise them alone while running his ranch. Hiring a nanny seems like a smart move. But hiring a beautiful nanny that makes his blood run hot proves to be problematic, especially as she’s only in this for the short term.

Amira Davis may a godsend for Dean and his new family, but she’s causing this lonely cowboy a special kind of misery, as he slowly realizes he wants something more…

Amira has one rule: she fixes families, but she doesn’t become part of them. Until she meets Dean. This sexy single dad may just be the most captivating man she’s ever met, and his family definitely needs her help.

It doesn’t change the fact she’s committed to leave in two months, and a passionate romance isn’t part of her plans. But for the first time in her life Amira is tempted to break her number one rule. The question is, will it end up breaking her heart as well….


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Release Date

April 6, 2023