Dark Nation: Books 4 – 6

When the world falls into chaos, there is no escape…

After an EMP attack plunges the world into a new dark age, Deb is lucky enough to fall in with a group of hardworking survivors… Or so she thinks. But her good fortune quickly turns into a nightmare when the group is captured by human traffickers, led by a vicious madman named Mike.

Forced to flee into the wilderness, the role of leader falls to Deb. All she wants to do is keep her people safe. But in this savage new world, danger lurks around every corner. Mike is hot on the group’s trail. He’ll stop at nothing to reclaim Carol, a woman pregnant with his child. And he doesn’t care who he has to hurt to get her back.

When Deb learns that her ex-husband, Colton, and Carol’s children, are nearby, she’s determined to reunite with them. She prays there will be safety in numbers.

But with Mike hunting them down, is safety just a fleeting dream?


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June 9, 2024