Dark Revival

Taking back the Lodge may be their toughest battle yet…

Rushing back from the NRU, Megan, Wyatt and their party arrive to find anything but a warm welcome. Their home has been compromised by rogue soldier Neil Spraggat and a small army of men who are using the lodge as a base for a deadly operation. To make matters worse, during the takeover of the lodge Megan’s daughter Caitlin and Wyatt’s mother Rosie were forced to take shelter in the root cellar to avoid capture.

The remaining members of the lodge reconvene at an old hunting cabin to hatch a rescue plan, knowing time is of the essence. With limited resources and manpower, they must face a highly trained, elite military force—but Spraggat’s agenda is far darker than any of them could have imagined.

With the lives of her beloved daughter and newfound family hanging in the balance, Megan will need every scrap of her prepper resourcefulness and the full support of her new family as the final step in America’s demise begins…

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