Destia’s Dragon Shifter War

Treacherous magic threatens a young mage and her dragon…

All her life, Winnie has dreamt of being a mage. When she’s chosen to travel with a delegation of mages to the capital of Fantis, she seizes the chance to prove herself to the Fairspell Magic Academy.

But Winnie’s journey soon plunges her into a mystery that threatens all magic in the kingdom. Imprisoned alongside a fierce dragon named Kygo, Winnie and her new ally are tormented by dangerous experiments that mix dragon and human sorcery – making Winnie’s untapped powers erratic and dangerous.

With Kygo at her side, Winnie must call upon every ounce of her new powers to escape their captors and face the treacherous Aramys. If this evil sorceror’s monstrous plan succeeds, every human in Fantis will be in grave danger.

Her only hope to stop him is to unearth the secrets of the cradle, a source of power strong enough to counter the greatest magic. But time is running out. Can this unlikely pair find the ancient artifact before it’s too late?

From Queen of the Dragons Ava Richardson, the Dragon Defenders of Destia trilogy is an epic dragon-riding fantasy adventure series. This boxset includes three complete novels filled with dragons, magic, and a determined heroine readers will love!

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Release Date

June 23, 2024