Dragon Alliance

The past and present collide in an epic fight for Ragond’s future.

The rebellion is in full swing. Nova and Zeph have gathered renegade dragon riders, witches, and Mythoi to take on Ragond’s corrupt Council and bring down the notorious Link Mage once and for all. But years of war have bred distrust between Ragondians and Mythoi alike. They are as likely to fight amongst themselves as they are to take on the Council.

Nova’s own push to fight alongside the Mythoi casts suspicion on her. But she knows the truth: If the Mythoi and Ragond don’t stop the infighting and preserve their worlds, there’ll be no chance to bring down the Link Mage. Not to mention that Nova’s chance at finding her mother will be lost.

Especially when the portals are growing increasingly unstable.

As rebel forces fight to reclaim Stonehaven and clash with Ragond’s corrupt Council members, Nova realizes time is no longer on their side. They must find the Link Mage and stop him before everything—and everyone—she loves is destroyed.

No matter what it costs her.

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Release Date

February 24, 2021