Dragon Deep

To achieve victory, Dez must risk everything they’ve fought for—and everyone she loves.

The defeat of the Spirit King’s armies revealed his true plan to overthrow the Creator Goddess and claim her power. But the Spirit King isn’t about to go down without a fight. Now, with forces depleted from their successful campaign, Desiree Black will lead a weary Rebellion company into the Ancient Deeps. They have no choice but to stop the enemy from completing the ritual that will destroy the world.

As skirmishes break out along the dangerous paths through the Deeps, though, one thing becomes painfully clear…everyone Dez cares about faces mortal danger.

The realization of the stakes only increases her desire to free her parents from the enslaving Mind Trap. Their combined power and knowledge just might be the edge needed to reach the Spirit King and defeat him.

Yet, the way through the Deeps grows increasingly treacherous, with new enemies and deceptions around every corner. Soon, Dez no longer knows who to trust to help guide them through the heart of the earth. And when a threat from within emerges, Dez must face the harsh truth that victory never comes without a price.

Gaining freedom will require the greatest sacrifices.

Don’t miss the epic conclusion of this young adult dragon fantasy trilogy!

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Release Date

October 27, 2020