Dragon Family

The only way to save Alveria is to end the war—by any means necessary.

After horrendous losses among their ranks, the Untameables are still reeling, none more than Laini Unclaimed. The battles against the forces of Hel have stripped Laini of those she loves most. Now with Hel closing in, little hope remains to save the reincarnated gods trapped in the underworld, including the young man she loves.

Until she hears about the Book of Death.

Reportedly created by a powerful Seer, the Book could provide her with the incantations needed to transport her friends back to the land of the living and restore their earthly bodies. However, finding it, either on earth or in the underworld, proves to be a challenge all its own.

When Queen Kaelan returns from the kingdom of Unger, she brings news that the situation has only grown worse. The darkness that engulfs the Alverian kingdom has spread worldwide—and Unger has joined with Hel.

Attack is imminent.

Laini must race against the forces of darkness to restore her family and return the light to her dying world. But time is a commodity she no longer possesses. In a desperate bid to end the war, Laini makes a choice that will either save her home or lead to its destruction.

She takes the battle straight to Hel.