Dragon Fire

A young woman and her dragon must free their kingdom from evil magic…

King Onyx has kept Tenegard ensorcelled for too long. Dragon rider Cora, along with her dragon, Alaric, are determined to free the kingdom from his sinister grasp. With the aid of rebel forces, they’re training a new wave of dragon riders—the first the country has seen in a century—but will their forces be enough to combat King Onyx’s dark magic? In his quest for power and immortality, there’s no line he won’t cross and nothing he won’t risk. With the nation on the brink of war, the stakes have never been higher.

The rebels must do whatever it takes to cut off the sorcerer king from his source of power, before it’s too late. If they fail to stop him, his corrupting reach will extend far beyond Tenegard.

And all hope will be lost…

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Release Date

February 22, 2023