Dragon Scales

Will dragons defend a kingdom founded on lies?

Novice dragon rider Cora and her dragon Alaric are determined to rescue their families from the king’s fortress, but after her first attempt at infiltration, Cora is captured! Panic turns to hope, though, when she realizes her captors are antiroyalists. Maybe she won’t have to face Onyx alone…and maybe she and Alaric can have help with their training when a mysterious woman who helped her before is revealed to be the only surviving dragon rider.

But rumors of a new dragon rider are spreading in the Tenegard kingdom, making Cora’s training even more dangerous. And she and Alaric have yet to harness the full power of their mystical bond…a power they desperately need, if they are to have any chance of defeating King Onyx and rescuing their loved ones.

On their own, Cora and Alaric are no match for the powerful sorcerer king. But will other dragons rally to their cause, after a century of lies sent them fleeing from humans? Even as they struggle to form this new alliance, Onyx’s forces are closing in on Cora and Alaric.

And a darkness beyond their imagination looms on the horizon…

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Release Date

January 25, 2023