Dragon’s Guardian

Only a fearless hero can bond with a dragon…

After three unsuccessful terms at Alveria’s Dragon Akademy, seventeen-year-old tamer trainee, Mari Asadottier, has one last shot to bond with a dragon. If she fails, she’ll be barred from her dream of joining the Dragon Guard.

Normal life is impossible for Prince Kai Afkarr-Younger who has been stuck in his dragon form for two years. Unable to shift, he fears his draconian instincts could overwhelm him. Could he lose control of his magic as well?

Meanwhile, a sickness is spreading through the land and new monsters are terrorizing Alveria. Mari and Kai might be the only people who can stop it. But a secret connection to the beasts could tear Mari and Kai apart. If the Alverian council finds out, their bond could be forcibly broken, but if they can’t stop the sickness it could already be too late. Can they save their bond and stop Alveria from falling into chaos?

Queen of the Dragons Ava Richardson invites you to immerse yourself in a dragon-filled world with epic magic, fearless heroes and, at its heart, the deep bond between dragon and rider.