Dragon’s Hero

An outlaw dragon rider and her band of rebels must find a way to defeat an army….

The Aurium lied in order to get a foothold in the realm of Ragond, creating a plague and putting all dragons at risk before they magically appeared at the last moment to fix it. Young dragon rider Kira is determined to reveal their treachery and stop them from doing any further damage to her people.

The question is, how can she do that when the Council is being controlled by evil magic, and General Ignatius has everyone convinced that Kira is their enemy? The general’s own son is on Kira’s side, however, ready to fight to defend Ragond and stop more dragons from getting hurt. The only way to free the Council is to get rid of General Ignatius’s succubae lackeys, but getting close enough to make a move is risky.

To bring down the general, Kira and her friends will need to rally troops who have no reason to trust her, and unite forces who have always been at odds. But how can she succeed against a scheme that started before she was born? She must find a way, though, because if she fails, there will be nothing stopping the Aurium from destroying Ragond.

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Release Date

October 27, 2021