Dragon’s Protector

No matter how far she rides, she can’t escape her past…

Yanna Gray has settled into Ragondian life as a Stonehaven student. Deep down she knows she is destined to become a rider trainee… And her dragon bond feels it as well. But Yanna is torn between focusing on her riding or magecraft, unsure of the right path. Choosing a discipline is the hardest decision she’s ever faced.

Until a secret from her past on Earth places all of Ragond in jeopardy…

Deadly accidents plague the realm. A shimmering new bridge inexplicably collapses. Then a dam tragically crumbles into dust. All without a trace of magic. A devastating dissonance between worlds threatens the very existence of those Yanna has grown to love and respect. Now, she must decide if family means more than just flesh and blood.

Before her new home, and everyone in it, crumbles to dust…

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Release Date

May 25, 2022