Dragon’s Realm

The fate of their world hangs in the balance.

Yanna is desperate to save her adopted home from the Witch Hunters she once called family. But the timeslip between Earth and Ragond has only grown worse. Memories are distorted, and the lives of both humans and dragons can be wiped out in an instant. With Ragond’s very existence tethered to Earth, Ragondians are forced to evacuate as the magical realm crumbles beneath their feet.

Yet, the Witch Hunter raids across the land continue, further damaging the tenuous link between Earth and Ragond. Yanna soon discovers that the raids are merely a ruse to conceal the theft of magical components needed to cast a powerful spell—one with horrifying consequences to those she loves. To stop them, she must return to Earth and retrieve the amulet that started this destructive chain of events.

If she fails, Ragond will be erased from existence.

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Release Date

June 29, 2022