Enduring Chaos

Alone in the darkness, the survivors must fend for themselves…

After an EMP catastrophe shuts down power worldwide, the entire planet is plunged into darkness. Melanie and a small group of survivors have found shelter in an abandoned factory. But a violent horde is determined to kick them out of their safe haven. And without new allies to help fortify their position, defending their home may prove impossible.

When Melanie’s husband, Mark, falls ill from an infected wound, it becomes clear that the survivors cannot stay in their shelter forever. And even if they could, someone must venture beyond the walls to get the medicine Mark desperately needs.

Tensions run high. Anger, violence, and betrayal threaten to tear the survivors apart from the inside, before the mob beyond their gates gets a chance.

And when their enemies finally arrive, the price of safety may be too high for Melanie to pay…



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Release Date

October 13, 2021