His wife wants nothing to do with him.
But he’s not giving up on her—especially with a target on her back, and their baby on the way.

Navy SEAL Ethan Lee is facing his toughest mission yet: Helen, the love of his life, wants a divorce. He thought they had the perfect marriage—how had he missed the fact that she was so unhappy? He’ll do anything to make things right with her—especially when he finds out she’s carrying his baby. But when he discovers Helen’s life is in danger, a looming divorce is the least of his worries.

Helen can’t stand it any longer. Being alone for months at a time and not knowing if Ethan is coming home, is making her miserable. Divorce seems to be the only answer—until her smoking-hot Navy SEAL husband returns home, and her heart starts to flutter once more. She’s not falling for it this time, though. When Ethan is around, everything is wonderful. But he always leaves. Always.

But keeping her distance from Ethan is hard when she needs his protection. Her drug-smuggling boss is trying to kill her, and her survival depends on having a trained SEAL watching her back. She just wishes he would stay. But Ethan has always chosen the SEALs over her… Will he make the same mistake this time?

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Release Date

March 30, 2023