FBI Agent’s Reluctant Lover

When Chance Jacobsen, a strikingly handsome ex-FBI agent, strides into Rachel’s chaotic life he brings an overwhelming sense of calm and control.

After Brianna and Trent’s baby was returned, Chance decides to check in on Rachel and discovers her struggling to look after twin boys on her own. What starts as trying to help her out soon turns into much more..

Rachel is trying desperately to smother her feelings for Chance. He is the gorgeous ex-FBI agent with the most piercing blue eyes she’d even seen. Plus he can change a diaper and bake! She feels so safe and secure when he is around. But she knows she must shut him out – she doesn’t have a choice.

In Rachel, Chance finds everything he wants in a woman. She is intelligent, strong, and beautiful – even with a few extra pregnancy pounds. But she doesn’t return his attraction, in fact she tries to push him away. Chance is a man used to getting what he wants, and he isn’t going to take no for an answer. However, he may finally have met his match..

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May 6, 2014