Hacking the SEAL

Losing a brother in arms is only the beginning.

When one of their own is tragically killed in an ambush, the Navy investigates Scott Devonshire and his elite team of SEALs. In order to prove their innocence, he’ll have to track down their fallen comrade’s widow and uncover the secrets she’s hiding. There’s just one problem—she’s nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, brilliant hacker Hayley Stevens is digging up dirt on the unit in hopes of snagging a promotion, but she has her doubts about the SEAL team’s guilt. When she reluctantly teams up with Scott to prove he and his comrades had nothing to do with their friend’s death, she doesn’t expect romance. But the sparks that fly between them have Scott contemplating setting aside his womanizing ways.

When Hayley is captured by an unknown adversary, Scott has to make a decision about where his loyalties lie: Hayley, or his team? Whichever side he chooses, he’ll be embroiled in a conflict could potentially take down everyone he cares about—in a scandal that goes all the way to the top.

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