Her Billionaire Boss

Only love lasts forever…

For most of Laila Diaz’s life, nothing has gone as planned. But now, things are finally looking up. On her last day working for child services, she’s scheduled to deliver an orphaned infant to his new legal guardian…grumpy Scottish billionaire Marcus Campbell.

It’s immediately clear that while Marc is capable (and gorgeous), he’s also in need of a nanny, especially with a six-week family retreat on the horizon. Laila’s out of a job, so she offers to step in. The seductive billionaire seems almost too perfect, and his smoldering looks have her dreaming of hot kisses under the tropical sun. Too bad he’s her boss…

Marc has never met a woman as caring, sincere, and sexy as Laila. There’s something special about her…the way she looks at him, touches him, laughs with him. He’s falling and falling hard—for both her and their new addition. Even as they enjoy paradise together, the real world still looms over them, ready to burst the happy bubble of their romantic affair.

When the cruise ends, can Marc prove to Laila that they can build something new, something that can last forever? Something more than just a fantasy…

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Release Date

December 22, 2021