Her Russian Mobster

Sometimes love thrives, even in the most dangerous situations…

Fashion boutique owner Allison Charman isn’t surprised to learn her brother is in deep debt to the Russian mob. What she’s not prepared for is the man who comes to collect. Mob enforcer Kaz is massively tall with scarred, tattooed skin, but Allie refuses to be intimidated. She offers her store as payment, but Kaz has already set his sights on her. It doesn’t take long for her to be seduced, but when Kaz offers to personally pay off the loan, Allie won’t be bought. She may have fallen under the Russian’s spell, but she’ll take care of her family on her own terms.

Since he was a teenager, Bratva enforcer Kazimir Volkov has been doing the Russian Mafia’s dirty work. His size and demeanor have served him well in the most dangerous situations, but with only days left to collect a debt from a runaway borrower, Kaz risks his boss’s wrath. When he meets his mark’s sister, Kaz is instantly taken by the perfectly polished Allie. Both her courage and her curves entice him to her bed, but she turns cold when he offers to pay what her brother owes. The fiery redhead may have an independent streak, but Kaz will do what it takes to save Allie’s shop and keep her out of harm’s way.

Allie’s life is at stake, and Kaz doesn’t want anymore blood on his hands. With danger at every turn, will Kaz and Allie recognize that their connection is more than just skin deep in time to save them?

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March 12, 2018