His Innocent Lover

Dangerous curves lie ahead for this smoking hot Navy SEAL…

Slade Security is hot on the heels of a dangerous terrorist group, and it’s up to Trent Larson, former Navy SEAL, to infiltrate the group’s cover organization. When he meets receptionist Chloe Baker, he knows he’s found the perfect way in. Trevor has no problem getting close to Chloe—but he wasn’t counting on the sensuous curves hidden beneath Chloe’s baggy clothes. Or his inexplicable need to protect her.

Chloe Baker has always been too trusting—first with her alcoholic father and then her ex-fiancé. Moving to San Diego gave her the chance to put Sam behind her and get her father the medical care he needs. When Trent Larson, with his ocean-blue eyes and sun-streaked hair, walks into her life, Chloe agrees to a date. But soon she begins to wonder if there’s more to this sexy stranger than meets the eye…

Trent knows he’s playing a dangerous game. He can’t deny his simmering attraction to Chloe. But when she finds out who he really is, will their romance go down in flames?

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Release Date

June 30, 2022