His Secret Child

He wasn’t looking for romance. But love had other plans…

Slade only cares about two things…his job and his team. He’s never been interested in settling down or starting a family. Those are attachments he doesn’t need. But when he goes to check on the boy left behind by the death of his business partner’s ex-wife, Slade meets Bethany Simmons. This computer programmer is smart as a whip and beautiful as well. And Slade can’t help but take notice.

When Bethany contacted Slade Security to let them know of her sister’s death, she never thought it would be Slade who would show up. With his tanned skin, salt-and-pepper hair, and ripped body, one look at Slade makes her go weak in the knees. But despite her attraction, Bethany’s not going to let anyone take her nephew away from her. Not even a silver fox like Slade.

Bethany’s determined to find a way to adopt her nephew. But as the simmering attraction between her and Slade grows, a dark secret is revealed. And it just might change both their lives forever.

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Release Date

June 23, 2022