His Stubborn Lover

Never mix business with pleasure…

Keira Mantz just scored the job of a lifetime. She’s been working for a high-end security company for years, and finally she has a mission all her own: to protect Erin, the Sheikh of Jawhara’s wife. But what she thought would be a solo operation suddenly becomes a two-person job. And her partner is none other than Brock Wells, the man who recruited her. The last thing Keira wants is Brock stealing her thunder. But she’ll do whatever it takes to succeed.

Brock has been avoiding Kiera since the night he found her fighting some very dangerous men in a bar parking lot. The Slade Security “no fraternization” rule is serious business, and with her mile-long legs, fierce determination, and unwavering focus, Keira is a temptation he can’t afford. But with the threat to the sheikha closer than they realized, Brock and Kiera have to go deep undercover, posing as a couple. And suddenly that temptation becomes impossible to ignore…

When their ruse gets a little too real, can Keira and Brock risk letting their guards down? Or will giving in to their feelings put innocent lives in danger?

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Release Date

June 16, 2022