Home with the Cowboy

For as long as she can remember, Willa Markson has felt the call of the big city, so that’s where she headed as soon as she was able. In New York City, she found a place where she fit, a place filled with art and sophistication that her little Texas town lacked. While working as an au pair, Willa finally gets the opportunity to land the job of her dreams. All she has to do first is bring her two-year-old charge, Bobby, just orphaned, back to his uncle in Texas. One quick trip won’t hurt, and it certainly won’t stop her dreams of becoming a major figure in the New York art world. She’ll drop Bobby off, no matter how much it breaks her heart, and head back to where she belongs. That’s the plan and absolutely nothing, not Bobby or his brooding, handsome uncle, is going to stop her.

The last thing Daniel Gunn needs is a toddler running around, disrupting his perfectly ordered life. So when his little nephew arrives with an au pair—a distractingly pretty au pair—Daniel asks her to stay to take care of Bobby, a suggestion that’s met with more than a little resistance. No matter what he says or does, or how he tries to make his small town appealing to her, Willa is determined to go back to New York. But how can Daniel make her see that Bobby needs her? That he needs her. Not just for his nephew, but for himself.

If Daniel is going to have any chance at convincing Willa to stay, then this country boy needs to capture her heart and convince her she no longer belongs in the big city.


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December 2018