Lethal Justice

Justice has never been so cold.

Former Special Forces Operative Ion Frost has one job left before he vanishes off the grid for good: deliver his dead comrade’s dog tags to a boy named Lincoln. It should have been a quick, easy stop.

But for wanderer Ion Frost, things have a way of getting complicated…

Upon meeting Lincoln, Ion learns that his older sister, Taya, has been missing for over a week.

Ion’s plans to disappear get put on hold.

Then an assassin takes out Lincoln in a brutally efficient murder. With Lincoln dead and the dog tags missing, Ion is sure of one thing… There’s a dark side to this sleepy, small town.

Now Ion is in the thick of it. He’s determined to find Lincoln’s killer, and deliver his own personal brand of justice. But the harder he searches, the more questions he finds. Who wanted Lincoln dead? Where is Taya?

And how long before his own brutal past catches up with him?

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Release Date

August 25, 2021