Mafia Soldier’s Irresistible Lover

Chelsea thought she left her dark past behind long ago, but when danger reappears, a Russian mafia soldier becomes her unexpected protector.

All 25-year-old Chelsea Barlow wants is a quiet life with the little girl she’s been helping to raise for ten years. She definitely doesn’t need the diversion of the deliciously dangerous stranger who appears at her doorstep. She should be frightened by his powerful bulk, towering height and tattooed knuckles, but instead his good looks and quiet strength call to something deep inside her.

Loyal mafia soldier Valentin Tolstov’s mission is clear: find the young girl who’s being targeted by a ruthless rival mafia boss. However, finding her in the care of beautiful and curvaceous Chelsea Barlow is a complication he didn’t anticipate. While he’s drawn like never before to the woman’s fighting spirit and auburn curls, he’ll have to resist temptation to stay focused on his job.

With old and new threats emerging from different directions, it will take everything in Val’s power to keep Chelsea and little Darya safe. Falling in love is a distraction they can’t afford.

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December 11, 2014