Mr Grump

I have a confession.
I hate bachelorette parties.
A night of dick straws, awkward dancing and being told “it’ll be you soon, Kaitlyn!”
Especially when it’s at a super swanky Miami club—exactly where I don’t belong.
Couldn’t get any worse, right?

Enter Mr. Tall, Dark and I-didn’t-know-they-made-people-this-gorgeous.
Grump supreme. His scowl has a scowl.
Especially after I knock a drink onto a VIP and myself.
He must be the manager of the club because he has keys to the penthouse above it.
A penthouse he offers to let me change clothes in.
A penthouse we screw all over.
Then, he gets a call and kicks me out. Jerk.
Told you it got worse.

Ready for worser?
First day at my new job as a nanny and Mr. Scowl is my boss.
James Morris.
Billionaire club owner, deal maker, and first grade bosshole—if the tabloids are to be believed.
Also a single dad to an adorable daughter who needs my help.

But there’s no way I can take this job—every time I look at him, I’m back in that penthouse.
And from the way he smiles when he looks at me, he’s thinking the same.
Then he tells me why this has to work. Why he needs me. Why I can’t say no.

New confession?
I hate my boss.

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Release Date

February 9, 2023