No Escape

The world ended. But the final battle has just begun…

The world has grown even more dangerous for the survivors of the EMP strikes that crippled the United States. Ronny is a prisoner of AILS, a terrorist group planning to remake the world to suit their twisted vision. He’ll do whatever it takes to stop them, even if it costs him his life.

Ruth and the others remain on the offshore drilling platform. But AILS has set their sights on the facility, and are coming to take it by force. If their plan succeeds, there will be nowhere left to hide. Fleeing for their lives, the survivors must somehow mount a counter strike, before the terrorist cabal grows even more powerful.

The platform that has been their refuge must be destroyed. But demolishing a drilling rig is no simple task. And as AILS forces close in, a deadly storm looms on the horizon. Surrounded by danger, the survivors must make a final stand to stop these deadly fanatics once and for all.

The fate of humanity—and their own survival—hang in the balance.


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Release Date

February 8, 2023