Prince’s Addiction

When Kate Morrison sets out to seduce a prince, she quickly learns… all bets are off.

Since their parents died, it’s been Kate and her little sister, Lily, against the world. So when Lily gets sick, Kate needs a plan to fund her lifesaving operation. She sets out to seduce Prince Alexander Godonov, who’s been exiled because of his serious gambling problem. If she can tempt him into betting, his inheritance will go straight to the charity that can save Lily’s life. Yet Kate wasn’t counting on Alex’s powerful arms or soulful brown eyes. She’s starting to get entangled, but she can’t let that stop her saving Lily…

Alex’s gambling is out of control, but it shouldn’t be too hard to stop taking bets—or at least, stop getting caught. It’s the only way to get his exile revoked and insure his parent’s don’t give away his inheritance. But when he meets a sexy stranger, he’s finds himself with a new addiction: Kate’s curves and deep green eyes. Soon, Alex is being tempted at every turn, but he’ll have to control his urges if he doesn’t want to disappoint his family yet again.

Kate is determined to make Alex stumble, but is winning his money worth losing him?

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August 17, 2015