Prince’s Proposal

Hardworking waitress Melissa Speights wakes up in a strange bed with a raging hangover and a diamond the size of a golf ball on her ring finger. And she’s not alone.

The sexy stranger lying next to her was at a party last night surrounded by women and spending money like water. She remembers his blue eyes, handsome features and cocky smile. Too bad the rest of the night is a blur. But whatever happened between them, she wants the marriage annulled–immediately.

Prince Raymond Kharmin has finally gone too far. He’s always had a thing for women, but marrying one is something he never wanted. He’s already banished from home for his womanizing, and when his mother learns of this, there’s no way she’ll let him return.

His only hope is to convince Melissa to get a quiet divorce in one month. But with Melissa’s challenging and stubborn attitude, he’s already counting down the days.

Melissa learned early not to depend on anyone, especially not a spoiled royal like Ray. The two come from different worlds, but as sparks fly between them, Melissa can’t help but wonder if they might have a future after all.

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July 13, 2015