Protecting His Beautiful Lover

Clint Buckman, former Navy SEAL and member of the elite Southern Soldiers of Fortune, had one job: keep Tara Crumb safe. But when shots ring out at an environmental rally where Tara is speaking—and a bullet grazes her—Clint knows he’s failed. Guilt-ridden, Clint vows to make things right, and takes on a full-time post as Tara’s bodyguard. It isn’t long before he and his six-year-old daughter end up living in Tara’s house where he can watch over her. However, Tara’s smoldering looks are just too tempting to ignore, and it isn’t long before Clint’s resolve to keep things professional crumbles. Yet as threats to Tara increase, Clint knows all his focus has to be on his mission, not on the woman who has him thinking about how nice forming a family might be…

Tara has always been driven by her cause to protect the earth and nothing has ever distracted her from that mission—not even bullets flying at her. Not until burly, sexy, Clint came into her life. How else should a healthy woman react to a half-naked former SEAL doing yoga in her living room? Having a gorgeous man and precocious six-year-old fledgling environmentalist living with her is knocking Tara off her game. She doesn’t have time for all these warm, fuzzy feelings reluctantly filling her heart. Her only focus should be on passing a bill that will protect the local environment, not on the man who makes her blood run hot and her heart go into overdrive. She can’t help wondering if this attraction is a distraction from her cause, or a clear path to happiness?

The real peril, though, is Tara’s mysterious enemy, who could tear them apart before she can discover if what they have is forever…

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Release Date

October 21, 2020