Rescuing Carolyn

No amount of SEAL training could prepare me for the sight of Carolyn Evert, the only woman I’ve ever loved, being held hostage in her jewelry store. My heart stopped.

Thankfully, she’s alright.

Not that I should give a damn. After all, she dumped me ages ago because she couldn’t handle the heat of being engaged to a Navy SEAL.

Carolyn is the reason I vanished into the shadowy world of Black Ops. Dodging bullets left no time for heartbreak.

And she’s done just fine without me. She’s running a successful store and raising a son…my son. A child I never even knew existed!

I’ve never felt so torn.

I want to be there for my little boy. Which means being part of Carolyn’s life, too. But I can’t risk falling for her again. My heart’s taken enough hits.

Then, when it becomes clear the hostage situation wasn’t a one-off, my protective instincts kick into overdrive. No one threatens my family and gets away with it.

With everything going sideways fast, I realize I never stopped loving Carolyn. I just hope it’s not too late for a second chance…

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Release Date

July 4, 2024