SEAL Justice

Every shadow hides a threat.
Someone is trying to kidnap me and my son.
They killed my brother, and now they’re after us.

I moved to the U.S. because my son is sick and needs treatment.
And I thought we would find the kind of security we never had back home.
Boy, was I wrong. I’ve never been so terrified in my life.

Then Adrian shows up.

The tough former Navy SEAL is the kind of guy who thrives on protecting the innocent.
But I can’t let his soulful eyes soften my heart. Too much is at stake.
We need to find evidence to bring my brother’s killer to justice—before he finds us.

Still, it’s hard not to fall for Adrian, even if he’s the most stubborn man I’ve ever met.
I just can’t allow myself to fall too hard.
Because even if we somehow manage to survive, Adrian will be gone.
And I don’t want him taking my heart with him.

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Release Date

May 9, 2024