SEAL’s Fake Relationship

An old rivalry blooms into passion for a Navy SEAL and his fake girlfriend…

US Marshal Kelsey Poppins has an axe to grind. She’s determined to prove her co-worker is innocent. But her old high school rival, Navy SEAL Ryan Ward, isn’t convinced. His father died investigating a sinister crime ring. And he’s convinced Kelsey’s friend is involved…

But when they both sneak into a Federal building and find incriminating evidence within, her boss catches them in the act. Needing an excuse to explain his presence, Ryan leaves Kelsey weak-kneed with the hottest kiss she’s ever had. Now, they’re faking a relationship as they work together to solve a string of murders. All while trying to stay alive… And out of each other’s arms.

Ryan won’t allow one more person to die. Not on his watch, and definitely not Kelsey. Maybe it’s the danger, the adrenaline rush of cheating death… But Ryan soon realizes he’s falling for her, hard. And he’s powerless to stop it.

When the investigation and their attraction both heat up, Ryan must decide what’s more important. Catching the killers? Or keeping Kelsey safe…

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Release Date

April 7, 2022