Secret Billionaire’s Frosty Lover

A near-death experience is the ultimate wake-up call for workaholic billionaire Dominic McCarthy. He needs to reassess his options, and where better to do his soul-searching than a remote ski lodge? He wasn’t expecting to find the fiery-haired beauty who owns the place, but it’s clear she has nothing but hatred for people with money. So why can’t he stop thinking about her?

Paris Dylan, free-spirited ski lodge owner, has a vision–and it definitely does not include the rich visitors she’s had in the past. When she shares her plan with her new guest—a man with sinful good looks and lethal charm—he insists it will never work. He claims to know about business, but Paris doesn’t care about money. She’ll create the ultimate mountain retreat and never have to deal with another wealthy, arrogant person again. She may be tempted by the handsome stranger, but she’s determined to make her dream come true with or without him.

Now Dominic is determined to melt the ice around her heart and he never backs down from a challenge. The unlikely couple’s connection continues to grow, but the truth is bound to come out about Dominic’s billions. Can Paris ever overcome her feelings about the rich, or will money forever come between them?

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April 7, 2015