Sheikh’s One-Night Stand

Never mix duty and pleasure…

Sheikh Ilyas Murad loves women, perhaps a little too much. But he’s only truly been in love with one: Tatiana Templeton. So when he bumps into her unexpectedly at a party, the two are swept up in the moment and spend a night of unbridled passion together.

But two months later, Ilyas is shocked when his mother arrives at his door with an American dating coach in tow… Who just happens to be Tatiana! His mother hired her to help him settle down with the right woman. But Ilyas considers himself a dating expert. The last thing he needs is a woman he once loved helping him find a wife.

Tatiana is between a rock and a hard place. Ilyas clearly wants her gone, forcing her to reveal another surprise. Their one-night stand left her pregnant. But she’s determined to do her job. She’ll find Ilyas a wife, and they can deal with all the baby stuff later…

But when the prince suggests Tatiana as his bride, the beautiful American is torn. Is his proposal coming from the heart? Or his sense of royal duty…

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Release Date

January 6, 2021