Sheikh’s Pregnant Fake Fiancée

Deception and temptation go hand in hand…

Sheikh Zev Sava has no intention of following his cousins down the aisle to matrimonial bliss. Zev is about to take over as ruler of his province, and he’s determined to defy the archaic prophecy that states he’s required to marry. After all, he’s certain his progressive subjects don’t expect him to fulfill such a ridiculous belief… Do they?

Zev never leaves anything to chance, so he convinces Meredith, his best-friend-with-benefits back in the States, to agree to a fake engagement. She’ll get a free vacation to the Middle East, and he’ll get some respite. What could go wrong? But Zev quickly learns that when it comes to romance, nothing is ever that easy…

Merideth is a bit skeptical about Zev’s idea, but she just can’t pass up the chance to escape her hometown. Besides, she’s happy to help Zev out as long as he understands she’s not looking for a long-term relationship. But soon after they announce their engagement, Meredith finds herself feeling a bit queasy…

Surely, she can’t be pregnant. And if she is, can this fake romance become real, before they both end up with broken hearts?

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Release Date

January 13, 2022