Snowed in with the Rancher

Snowed in at Christmas with the one that got away…

Olivia Wickham never forgot her passionate romance with a sexy cowboy, Tate McConnell. After a family emergency forced them apart, Olivia searched, but couldn’t find him…not even to tell him she was pregnant with his twin daughters. Now, years later, she and the twins are stranded in the wilderness, with a blizzard bearing down. When a handsome rancher shows up to rescue them, Olivia is shocked to see it’s Tate — the girls’ father.

Time hasn’t dampened Tate’s attraction to the gorgeous Olivia. But he’s convinced himself he’s not cut out for family life, and it’s hard for a stubborn cowboy to change his ways. Still, the more time he spends trapped in a remote cabin with Olivia and his daughters, the more Tate begins to realize they may be just what his life has been missing…

With Christmas around the corner, Olivia and Tate can’t help but feel like fate is offering them a second chance at love. But can they open their hearts enough to accept it?


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Release Date

November 28, 2019