Surviving the Elements

Wolf has watched his entire world go up in flames. Now, Regan must help him pick up the pieces if they hope to survive…

After the total disintegration of the island, Regan, Wolf, and the rest of the group decide to return to the one place they’ve called home—the swamp. However, returning isn’t as easy as it seems. The journey across Florida presents a whole new range of horrors as society breaks down, made all the worse when one of their own gets seriously injured. Plus, the team must face the trek with two new members whom some believe don’t belong with them at all.

With danger and supply shortages at every step, questions are raised whether or not they’re making the best choice in returning. And while Regan believes she’s learned her lesson—groups are the way to go—it’s terrifying to make the final leap and fight not just survive… but to live.