The Billionaire’s Pretend Girlfriend

Billionaire Daniel Trent needs a date for his best friend Grayson’s wedding, but he’s got a bit of a problem. His current closest relationship is with his house sitter, Jackie Stone, who he’s never actually met. Their flirty notes about his beloved tankful of exotic fish are the only fun part of his busy work-only life. When he comes home early after a business trip to find Jackie naked in his bathtub, Daniel is pleasantly surprised to find the woman he likes is absolutely adorable. Grayson, assuming Daniel and Jackie are a couple, suggests Daniel bring her to his wedding. Teasing Daniel over his commitment issues, he even bets that Daniel will end things before the wedding is over. After all, Daniel rarely gets past two dates with any woman. Daniel takes the bet, hoping that Jackie agrees to be his fake girlfriend. The worst thing that could happen is he’ll lose the bet. He certainly won’t lose his heart…

Though Jackie agrees to go as Daniel’s wedding date, it turns out the man is the worst boyfriend. Ever. There’s no way they’ll convince anyone at the pre-wedding festivities that they’re a couple. And she really, really wants Daniel to win that bet because he promised to pay for her final year of graduate school if he does. If she wants any chance of that happening, she knows they’ll have to practice acting like a couple, which leads to…the kiss. And then more. Which is bad. The last thing Jackie wants is for this business arrangement to get complicated, and it’s definitely getting complicated. But it’s also getting harder and harder to remind herself that falling for Daniel would be a colossal mistake. A mistake her heart, unfortunately, seems more than willing to make…

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June 25, 2020