The Elite

Making the right choice always comes with a price.

Tylia Coder has joined the resistance after her ejection from the Labs. Yet if the Farrows discover she’s still alive, her family and friends in both the GEOs and the Greens will be in terrible danger.

What’s more, her supposed death only spurs on the bitter rivalries. The Rejs ramp up their attacks on the Labs’ sky transports, their leader so desperate now that he doesn’t care who gets hurt anymore. The Farrow family in the Labs is only concerned about maintaining the status quo, even if that means others must die to preserve their pampered way of life. But it’s when rivalries among the Geos factions erupt and supplies are all but cut off that Tylia realizes she must do whatever it takes to find the answers she seeks – and truly learn which man in her life she can trust.

In this explosive series conclusion, Tylia must embrace her destiny – or die trying.

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Release Date

October 14, 2020