The Iron Dragons

Can two fugitives beat Draco at its own game?

Van and Sang are on the run, forced to log on and play Dragons of the New World from a dank basement hideout with borrowed characters while the world crumbles around them. Sang is losing hope after being fired by the CIA, but Van’s resolve is only growing.

When Allie reveals that her people defeated the Dracos by striking them directly, they know what they have to do, but there’s just one problem—their only access to the mysterious Dracos is through a game that’s rigged against them. When they learn of an online tournament that will make five players Pros—and access to the Draco compound—Van and Sang know they have to win at any cost.

Now, with the help of some old friends from the Iron Dragon mercenaries, as well as a few bold new recruits, Van and Sang must survive every punishing challenge and prove themselves to be the best players in the game. With an in-game rebellion brewing and spies targeting them in meatspace, it will take all their courage to face Draco’s bloody endgame.