The Lofties

Paradise was a lie. But the truth may be even more dangerous…

Myla always believed that Echelon was paradise. A safe haven from the toxic, mutant-infested wasteland outside. But when she flees the domed city to rescue her sister, Ona, Myla discovers it was all a lie. There are humans living outside. Rebels like Ben, a boy who shows her a freedom she never thought possible…

But Echelon is still in danger, and they each must continue their fight—Ben from the Outside, and Myla from within. She returns home with her friend Lock, where they are both lauded as heroes for rescuing Ona. Thrust from their hovel in the Dirt to the wealthy heights of the Sky, Myla struggles to fit in, as a deadly plot threatens the lives of those closest to her.

When Decemites start disappearing, Myla is driven to figure out why, before every Decemite in the Sky suffers the same fate—including her sister. Delving into the secrets of Echelon and its leader, Lady Lazrad, Myla and her friends uncover yet another lie, one that could shatter their faith all over again.

A lie that powerful leaders like Lazrad will kill to protect.…

Ramona Finn invites you to immerse yourself in this young adult dystopian fiction with fearless characters who find love in the darkest of places and break through barriers in a merciless post-apocalyptic society.

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Release Date

March 10, 2021