The Marine’s Virgin Lover

A mother’s worst nightmare comes true. Brianna’s newborn baby is snatched from the hospital, before she even gets a chance to hold it for the first time.

Trent hires Seth Jacobsen, an ex-marine, to track down their missing infant. But when Seth finds the baby in the hands of a privately hired nurse, Chelsea Andrews, he finds himself conflicted.

Seth couldn’t believe how perfect Chelsea was. A blue eyed, blonde haired beauty that refuses to back down. All she knows is she has been hired to look after a baby, and nobody (no matter how big!) is going to take it away from her. She is a challenge. He doesn’t understand how she could be so warm and affectionate one moment, and then so cold the next. Nevertheless he is determined to make this gorgeous girl his. But first, he must return the Coldwell’s baby – with a little help from Chelsea.

Chelsea had seen men like him in action films and on the covers of fitness magazines. Tall, muscular and unbearably handsome. But she also knew men like him were trouble. They’re only after one thing and Chelsea wasn’t about to give her virginity away to just anyone. But she can’t help the attraction she feels to him, and when they are forced to work together it will take all her energy to resist his advances..

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